No Patience
2004 Words & Music: JeffMo
C    Am      F           C       Am        F       C      C
...I have no patience, I have no energy, I have no time
C      Am         F              C       Am              F          C       C
...And all that's left to see is here in front of me; at least it's mine
G            G7             Am
...And all I want is you to notice
G            G7             C      G  F
...The way I feel about you now
I have no vision, I have no empathy, I have no sign
And I can never see what it is you want from me; well, that's just fine
G            G7                 Am
...And all I want, is one small whisper
G            G7                C     Em   Am
...To let me know you hear it, too
G               G7          Am
...But you made me a silent echo
G            G7                   Am
...A voice returned, but not from you...
            F              G     G  F
...Not from you...not from you
You took my patience, you took my energy, you took my time
I kept my laughter, I kept my balance, I kept my joy
The carousel is slowly turning
It stopped before, it runs again
And you will see my heart is learning
I know it will, I don't know when...
I don't know when...I don't know when
C    Am        F           C        Am           F           C
...I have more patience, I have new energy, I'll